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Which CPA network to choose?

CityAds will increase your conversion significantly!
Promoting through CPA networks is an effective solution for any business. CPA model is undoubtedly advantageous for advertisers...

Trying to choose a CPA network to work with? CityAds will increase your conversion significantly.

Promoting through CPA networks is an effective solution for any business. CPA model is undoubtedly advantageous for advertisers since you pay not for clicks or views but only for targeted actions.

Buying an advertising campaign in a CPA network, you are guaranteed to get new customers. Many advertisers are wondering which CPA network to choose. There are a lot of affiliate networks on the market, but they all work with different degrees of efficiency.

Choosing the right CPA network is crucial since the success of the advertising campaign considerably depends on it. That's why it is important to rely on facts and showings when making your choice.

CityAds is a recognized leader at the CPA networking market

The CityAds affiliate network is a recognized leader in the affiliate networks market.

We have been chosen by more than 1,300 large companies from all around the world: Amazon,, AliExpress, Shopbop, Tom Taylor and many others. CityAds offers you not just banners with payment for specific user actions, but targeted advertising of high accuracy and efficiency.

With help of our proprietary DMP platform that collects data from 17 billion sources, our CPA network determines key characteristics of your best customers and helps you attract exactly these people.

We also use the retargeting technology to show users the products from the advertiser's website that will be most interesting for them. As a result, thanks to our CPA-network advertisers increase their profits by an average of 30%.

Choosing the CityAds CPA network, the advertiser gets:

  • Huge audience coverage: more than 150,000 publishers from around the world, over 200,000 verified websites and thousands of mobile applications;
  • Accurate targeting based on data on 375 million users from 17 billion sources;
  • Profit growth by an average of 30%;
  • Optimized advertising budget thanks to CPA model (payments for results);
  • Advanced technologies for maximum conversion (conversion increases up to 60%);
  • Assistance in developing a promotion strategy and preparing ad campaigns in the affiliate network;
  • Ability to manage campaigns and track conversions in real time;
  • A personal manager to resolve any question related to the CPA network.

Now you know which CPA network to choose. If your company is interested in a guaranteed increase in conversion, start working with the CityAds network today. Sign up as an Advertiser, and we will contact you shortly.

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